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TwistedMindSet's News

Posted by TwistedMindSet - June 17th, 2012

I hate it when she wakes up and starts screaming for help. Too bad no one can hear her

Posted by TwistedMindSet - January 17th, 2010

I hate you!

Love, me!

/* */


Posted by TwistedMindSet - December 2nd, 2008

and people are still acting like immature children giving stupid reviews.

Looks like time has stopped here. Hello again, im here again to confuse you again, offend you again, and make you write horrible reviews again. Its so good to be home mommy! Uncle daddy fiddled me in the toolshed again.

By the way, that Castle Crashers game is pretty nice. My buddy has it on his 360.

Been awhile

Posted by TwistedMindSet - April 16th, 2008

Yep, hey negros

Back after awhile

Posted by TwistedMindSet - October 12th, 2007

and crazy Billy is out there yelling at himself, Ill show you a picture of him. All he does is buy beer, drink it, and start yelling at himself.

Its raining outside

Posted by TwistedMindSet - October 6th, 2007

Newgrounds really has changed over the years, for the worse, I might add. Not the flashes, the music, the games, no. They, are why I still come here. But, its the road of P.C.vill that Newgrounds has taken. I had recived this email, notifying me that my review was deleted because I hurt someones feelings speaking truth. Now, I know there are alot of kids and the like around, but you know, its the parents fault if the kid starts saying fuck, shit, n****r, jew, honkey, whatever, because they allowed him to go on sites that adults with sick and twisted minds goto. Who do we blame instead? People like me, who swears and offends and this and that and blah blah blah. Idiots like ace9eca can flood my music reviews saying my music doesnt belong somewhere, but mine gets deleted for being truthful. Well, I have something to say to all of you out there who are get offended easy, I hope some negros break into your house and gang rape your whole family right in front of you, and makes you wacth as they fuck them for hours, then kills them all slowly. I hope you get to wacth with tears in your eyes as you see the life leaving your crying mothers eye. You people make me sick, and I hope you all die

Its just as I had thought........

Posted by TwistedMindSet - October 3rd, 2007

So I went down to the store the other day to buy some bread. I was stoped by a negro looking fellow who asked me for change. I said in a very nice manner while gritting my teeth that I didn't have any money that he could go score some crack with. Well, Ill tell ya, that set the fellow off in a bad mood. He started called me names, mainly cracker and white devil, and proceded to talk about some guy who did something in the 60s, and that he had to smoke crack to support his family. I listened with great intrested, while plotting a way to force his head into the brick wall next to us. When he was finished, I told him to either get a job, suck dick, or jump into traffic. He got more angry, as you could imagine, and started to threaten me. Well, I didn't like this one bit, so I took out the old taser, about 10k volt, very lovely, and proceeded to stick it in the middle of his chest. He screamed for a second and fell faster to the floor than Anna Nicole Smith did. I then kicked him as hard as I could with steel tiped boots to the back of his head, making sure I proved my point. After that, I bought some bread and milk, and went home and masturbated angery to Opera

Uh huh

Posted by TwistedMindSet - September 27th, 2007

Bite the one you love on the neck, and don't let go intill they stop breathing

Bite fight

Posted by TwistedMindSet - September 22nd, 2007

So after having the abortion, the homeless people ate the feast of feast. So how are you doing today, people who come acrossed this stupid page? Care to say something? Well, I dont blame you if you don't. I used to care, but now Im being framed by the NG nazi crew, or the GNN, as they are being called. They wanna take my account and make it goto prison! And they must be stopedededed! That Wayde guy should do something, since Tim or Tom or what the fuck ever his stupid name is isn't doing anything but masturbating while Back to school is on. Damn, what the fuck happend to the old NG? I remember I had an account, oh, 2-3 years ago. Lost the password, and hardly went on as much. Then I come back, and M-bots are flooding my box telling me that I spammed some review when im most certian I did not.
Oh well, I am eating a cookie right now, and its damned good. I don't care if Im banned because I pissed someone off, if I got someone that mad at me, then I done my job. All the old artists are gone. But what makes me laugh is the ones who get away with submiting shiity flashes, and geting it from being blammed. Kudos to all of you out there. See, you people dont understand, some people who submit shit like that, are, in a way, speaking out against how NG is run today. At least, that is my understanding. I also enjoy looking at this picture below, as it is a symbol of what NG had done to itself. The simplistic form of what NG has really done to itself.

Jumbled nonsense

Posted by TwistedMindSet - September 21st, 2007

I get, yet another fucking message from the fuck nut m-bot guy saying I spamed someones review. This is utter bullshit. I donot spam random symbol nonsense in reviews. I am honest, which hurts certian feelings. But oh well!

From: M-Bot
Sent: 09/21/07 09:24
Subject: Review Ban Notification
< Newer Older > Reply to Message Delete Message Add Sender to Contacts Blocked

You have been banned from submitting reviews for the next 3 days.
This is a result of the review you left for today i fucked a lamb!!! on 8/14/07 at 7:23:11 PM:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: No.....
Review: %u041F%u043E%u0436%u0430%u043B%u0443%
u0439%u0441%u0442%u0430 %u043F%u0440%u0438%u043C%u0438%u0442%
u0435 %u043C%u043D%u043E%u0433%u043E %u043E%u0431%u0438%u0434%u0443 %u043A%u043E%u0433%u0434%u0430 %u044F %u0433%u043E%u0432%u043E%u0440%u044E %u0447%u0442%u043E %u044D%u0442%u043E %u0431%u044B%u043B%u043E %u0434%u043E%u0432%u043E%u043B%u044C%
u043D%u043E horrible. %u042F %u043D%u0430%u043C%u0435%u0440%u0435%
u0432%u0430%u044E%u0441%u044C, %u0435%u0441%u043B%u0438 %u044D%u0442%u043E %u0432%u0430%u0448%u0435 %u043F%u0435%u0440%u0432%u043E%u0435, %u0442%u043E %u043E%u0434%u043E%u0431%u0440%u0435%
u043D%u043E, %u043D%u043E %u0435%u0441%u043B%u0438 %u0432%u044B %u0434%u0435%u043B%u0430%u0435%u0442%
u0435 %u043E%u0434%u043D%u0438 %u043A%u0430%u043A %u044D%u0442%u043E %u0432 %u043F%u0440%u043E%u0448%u043B%u043E%
u043C, %u0442%u043E %u043E%u043D%u0438 %u043C%u043E%u0433%u043B %u0445%u043E%u043D%u0438%u043D%u0433%
u043E%u0432%u0430%u0442%u044C %u043D%u0430 %u0432%u0430%u0448%u0435%u043C alittle %u0438%u0441%u043A%u0443%u0441%u0441%
u0442%u0432. \

The moderator kidray76 gave the following reason for the ban:


Please review the review guidelines in the FAQ before submitting further reviews.

Ok, this is going to fucking far now, goddamn you