Its raining outside

2007-10-12 12:31:02 by TwistedMindSet

and crazy Billy is out there yelling at himself, Ill show you a picture of him. All he does is buy beer, drink it, and start yelling at himself.

Its raining outside


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2007-10-16 01:57:36

film it, publish it, profit off of it.

TwistedMindSet responds:

Well, I had recorded him for my music. Im thinking of submitting it soon


2007-10-20 01:38:12

1 Film it
2 ???
3 Profit

TwistedMindSet responds:

Yes indeed


2007-10-22 17:54:54

Delibratly provoke Crazy Billy. (but positive provocation, like egg him on to say something crazy and drunk, I love doing that to Drunk Aborginals on the train). I get them to sing Classic rock. It's funny. So get Billy to do that, and make a music video. It worked for Bling Bling the crack whore.

TwistedMindSet responds:

It shall be done