Uh huh

2007-10-03 00:56:42 by TwistedMindSet

So I went down to the store the other day to buy some bread. I was stoped by a negro looking fellow who asked me for change. I said in a very nice manner while gritting my teeth that I didn't have any money that he could go score some crack with. Well, Ill tell ya, that set the fellow off in a bad mood. He started called me names, mainly cracker and white devil, and proceded to talk about some guy who did something in the 60s, and that he had to smoke crack to support his family. I listened with great intrested, while plotting a way to force his head into the brick wall next to us. When he was finished, I told him to either get a job, suck dick, or jump into traffic. He got more angry, as you could imagine, and started to threaten me. Well, I didn't like this one bit, so I took out the old taser, about 10k volt, very lovely, and proceeded to stick it in the middle of his chest. He screamed for a second and fell faster to the floor than Anna Nicole Smith did. I then kicked him as hard as I could with steel tiped boots to the back of his head, making sure I proved my point. After that, I bought some bread and milk, and went home and masturbated angery to Opera

Uh huh


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2007-10-06 15:13:47

I'm doing coke off a hooker's dick right now

it's gr8