Its just as I had thought........

2007-10-06 15:30:26 by TwistedMindSet

Newgrounds really has changed over the years, for the worse, I might add. Not the flashes, the music, the games, no. They, are why I still come here. But, its the road of P.C.vill that Newgrounds has taken. I had recived this email, notifying me that my review was deleted because I hurt someones feelings speaking truth. Now, I know there are alot of kids and the like around, but you know, its the parents fault if the kid starts saying fuck, shit, n****r, jew, honkey, whatever, because they allowed him to go on sites that adults with sick and twisted minds goto. Who do we blame instead? People like me, who swears and offends and this and that and blah blah blah. Idiots like ace9eca can flood my music reviews saying my music doesnt belong somewhere, but mine gets deleted for being truthful. Well, I have something to say to all of you out there who are get offended easy, I hope some negros break into your house and gang rape your whole family right in front of you, and makes you wacth as they fuck them for hours, then kills them all slowly. I hope you get to wacth with tears in your eyes as you see the life leaving your crying mothers eye. You people make me sick, and I hope you all die

Its just as I had thought........


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2007-10-07 21:37:48

Smelly niggours with chainsaws

that is all

TwistedMindSet responds:

You are correct sir